Gods… (From «The doll and the horse»)


The red woman couldn’t make out wether humans experienced Gods by apocalypse – because that was what they often said – or they discovered them or even just invented them. According to humans, Gods created everything – not only every doll and horse but everything with no exception – and could do everything, therefore people adored them, first on slopes and in the forests, afterwards  with primitive structures or sculptures aimed at gathering people around and finally in impressive constructions called temples. Some people believed in many gods (and goddesses), while others only in a few or just one. Concerning this, what was kind of amusing to the red woman was a special belief found in many god systems about a Trinity or a Troika, meaning three different aspects of the same God or alternatively three Gods complementary to each other.

  “Maybe they know better”, thought the woman, to whom all those seemed hopeful enough. “Maybe they will eventually manage to cope with all this mess. Besides, what do I really know about these creatures, Gods?”

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