The birth of the doll (From»The doll and the horse»)


However she had no choice but to take over her centuries, therefore she started fabricating a simulacrum of herself:  a doll.

 In her very first attempt though with the –unknown to us – stuff, clumsy craftswoman as she was yet, she hurt her hand with the tool so badly she was forced to cut one finger off. Her blood then, which she saw with great surprise, spread all over the cave, turned into a cloth and wrapped around her pale body as a gown to be with her forever, a reminder of the involuntary wound.

The woman waited patiently until she recovered, then she finished the doll. The artifact, a smart, pleasant head on a flexible body, satisfied her, so she gave it life and the power of talking. As soon as the doll was animated she stared at the red woman (from now on we shall call her “red woman” because of the red gown), said “hello” in a vivid friendly manner and declared that, since all that blood had been spilt for her, she would always be loyal. However when she got out of the cave and looked around she felt Things in an unprecedented way, although of course she herself didn’t know it was unprecedented. What happened was that, as she was the first living being not ever co-existing with but born within the world, she brought along two new important-to-be features: the critical question about the world’s being or not really being and the controversial way in which every newborn looks at the world, which is admiring it because it is very o l d as much as because at the same time it is very n e w. 

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