Language and its siblings (From «The doll and the horse»)

αρχείο λήψης

However soon an issue of much greater importance drew her full attention: without fully realizing how, she found herself some day in the middle of a world much noisier, trembling with echoes and vibrating with the rhythms and the harmony or non-harmony of those charming elements known as words. She could now not only observe but hear what was happening: humans had developed Language.

Language reproduced things and soon this gave humans the power of controlling time and space in a way unparalleled to anything before. But Language had also consequences: because it copied things it made them stronger and people were trapped within them. Soon some humans took advantage of this power and used it to manipulate others. Before long the woman saw (because of course she could see what humans couldn’t) a treacherous misleading entity, a deceptive two-faced spirit growing and getting strong and ironically stable (concerning its unstable nature) among people, always ready to betray and torture: it was Lie.

But Lie submitted soon to the principle of Contrast, thus creating in its turn two new siblings to Language: Truth (a very faint but strangely appealing entity who was recognized as the opposite to Lie) and Poetry. (A special higher Lie or according to others a special higher Truth). Poetry was a tremendously inspiring entity with whose help certain humans, the Poets, combined selected dolly and horsey elements in secret proportions, thus presenting a brand new world of ideal societies and persons.

“I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears”, admired the woman.

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